Greetings from Live Local Man

July2012Hi, welcome to my new blog. Hopefully some of the dozens of people who read my work on the Des Moines Register and Juice websites will find their way here.

I have about a week left as the music writer for those publications before I move on to other ventures. Because I’m a music fan, I’ll continue to post bits of news that interest me here, along with the occasional feature, review or whatever.

But I’m more than just a music guy. My interests are many and varied. OK, they include bacon and comic books. Plus, my kids are pretty hilarious, so I’m sure they’ll factor in here.

I’ll be updating soon with some resources that I hope will be useful to local music fans and bands. Like Chad Taylor’s cell number. After doing this job for more than a decade, I should probably make sure all this info doesn’t immediately get boozed out of my brain. – JL

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