My February comics reading list

In February, my comic book challenge was to read award-winning and nominated books. It’s Eisner-themed (the awards, not the man who inspired the awards), but any award will do. For instance, Archive vs. Predator was nominated for a Ghastly Award.

Confession time, I read AvP because for a moment I flashed back to reading for last month’s media-related comic book challenge. After finishing AvP, I did some googling to find out if it had been nominated for anything, so I could count it.

Overall, it was a lot of Astro City and a lot of Dan Clowes. I counted this as the equivalent of 90 comics, though some were original graphic novels, and some of the Astro City single issues were longer than a regular issue. Hip Hop Family Tree did inspire an idea for a post that I hope will go up before too long. But I don’t want this fast-paced blog to get too overwhelmed with activity.

March’s theme is Marvel comics. I have a few Marvel books on my shelf that I haven’t read, but not a ton. I’ll report back in early April.

Astro City Samaritan, Astra 1-2, Silver Agent 1-2, Beauty, Visitor’s Guide, Vol. 3 1-15

Sandman Overture 1-6

Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron

Saga 25-30

Bitch Planet 1-5

The Fifth Beatle


Omega the Unknown 1-10

Archive vs. Predator 2-4

Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1


Descender 1-6

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