My April Comics Reading List

In April, the challenge was to read comics featuring Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, due to a big movie getting released at the end of March.

I decided to put my focus on some unread Baman that have piled up recently. In particular, I had a lot of Scott Snyder New 52 Batman comics. I had started reading the series about a year ago, then waited for a Comixology sale to buy more issues. I had forgotten the last issue I had read, so I know I doubled up a bit on my reading.

Other than that, I read quite a bit of Batmanga, Japanese Batman comics created in the wake of the Adam West series’ popularity.

I read the equivalent of 57 comics this month.

Batmanga Vol. 2-3

Batman (2011) 15-29, 23.2

Batman: Haunted Knight (Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s first Batman stories)

In April it’s a “build your own” challenge. Last year I did samurai comics. In 2016 I’m planning to work through some unread Image comics.


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