365 Iowa Beers: 51-57

I’m clearing out my last few beers in this post, before I come back with the list of beers consumed during Des Moines Beer Week.

I will say that Beer Week has opened my eyes to some breweries outside Des Moines that I need to visit.


Beer 51: Peace Tree Blonde Fatale

ABV: 8.5%

Purchased at: 86th St. Hy-Vee

Notes: Every time I drink this beer, I’m surprised by its strength. It seems like it should be a heavier beer, considering what it’s packing. I enjoy it, but it’s the kind of beer where you need to limit yourself to one.


Beer 52: Flix Luna Rose Wit

ABV: 5%

Consumed at: Flix Brewhouse.

Notes: The Des Moines Film Society was hosting a print show for Lost Films Posters at Flix. I wanted to go, and it gave me the opportunity to add another beer to my list. The posters will be on display Friday and Saturday in the Kaleidoscope at the Hub downtown. It’s a fine beer, not too exciting, but it’s easy to down a few while watching a movie.


Beer 53: Exile IPA

ABV: 7.2%

Purchased at: 86th St. Hy-Vee

Notes: Another deceptively strong beer. It’s got some sweetness to it, drinks clean. It doesn’t stand out as much as some of Exile’s other beers, but I enjoyed it.


Beer 54: 4th St. Chateau Oatmeal Stout

ABV: ?

Consumed at: My house

Notes: Another father-in-law beer, one of several that he brought me bottles of. I probably would have saved this for a cooler night, but I was in need of a new beer and this was the only one I hadn’t tried. Dark and strong, this is great for a fall or winter beer.


Beer 55: Rock Bottom Maibock

ABV: 7%

Consumed at: Rock Bottom

Notes: I was hoping to stop into Twisted Vine after a job interview that seemed to go well, but they weren’t open for another two hours. Instead, I stopped by Rock Bottom to try their Maibock, on special for $3. It was a good lager, more malty than hoppy.


Beer 56: Fork & Spoon Kolsch IPA

ABV: ?

Consumed at: My parents’ house.

Notes: I was watering the garden at my parents’ house and looking for something to drink when I finished. I found this beer in their basement fridge. It was brewed by my brother and his wife, and the bottle was marked “11/12.” I texted him to ask if it had actually been in the bottle for almost four years, or if those numbers were some kind of Mad Hatter reference.

I didn’t hear from him right away, so I drank it. Then he texted back to say the beer had likely been forgotten in the fridge. I didn’t die and it was refreshing, so a win all around.


Beer 57: Papaya Wheat 

ABV: ?

Consumed at: C&S Brew Supply

Notes: I went out to C&S to pick up some hops and yeast to do some brewing of my own and tried one of the homebrews they had on tap. It wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting, but the papaya and wheat blended well together.

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