My June comics reading list

I spent a good portion of June reading “The Girl With All the Gifts.” It was written by The Unwritten/Lucifer author Mike Carey, but it’s a novel, not a comic.

There’s a film version coming out in September, directed by Col, McCarthy, who directed the entire second season of “Peaky Blinders.” Between that and “Peaky Blinders” actor Paddy Considine being one of the leads, I’m pretty excited for the film.

The theme for June was reality comics, which could be comics based on a true story, or a story that could take place in the real world. So something like a Harvey Pekar comic would count, while “Y the Last Man” wouldn’t.

I’m counting 24 issues based on what I read, which included two graphic novels.

The Green River Killer. Michael Sheen from “Masters of Sex” was recently announced to be directing and starring in a film based on this graphic novel. I approve.

Building Stories. I bought this a few years ago at a used sale where they thought it was some kind of board game based on the box that houses it.

I love Chris Ware’s books, but I’m glad he takes a long time to come out with new material. I always feel a bit beaten down after finishing one. They’re beautiful, but depressing. I ended up tossing and turning after finishing the book. It’s a similar to how I feel after finishing a Todd Solondz film, though his films are more disturbing than depressing.

Still, it’s an incredible work of graphic storytelling, really expanding what can be done with the medium.


Also read:

The Cosplayers

Archie #1 (The Mark Waid/Fiona Staples revamp)

March FCBD issue

in July the theme is science fiction, I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll read for the month, likely some recent Image comics.

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