365 Iowa Beers: 192-200: A trip to eastern Iowa part 1

Here it is, another big number post. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much! Despite undertaking this task, I don’t believe my beer consumption has gone up very much. In fact, it’s probably gone down, since sometimes I’ll get the opportunity to have a beer, look at the selection and decline because none of the available options “count.”

In early November, I was offered a chance to go to Cedar Rapids to cover the Iowa Startup Accelerator’s Launch Day. I accepted because I was still unemployed at the time, and an extra day’s pay is an extra day’s pay. But also, it gave me an opportunity to make stops at Millstream, Quarter Barrel and Lion Bridge.


Beer 192: Millstream Great Pumpkin Imperial Stout

ABV: 7.8%

Notes: Everyone seems to be doing pumpkin ales, but a pumpkin stout struck me as something a little different. I just tried a sample, while buying another beer to take home with me. The richness of the stout meant the pumpkin didn’t overpower the maltiness.


Beer 193: Quarter Barrel Nonsuch Pumpkin Ales

ABV: 5.4%

Notes: Wait, was I just dissing pumpkin ales? I first tried QB beers at Des Moines Beer Week, and was interested in visiting, since it’s an arcade/brewery. My notes were “not overpowering.” Thanks, six weeks ago Joe. As for the space itself, it was pretty nice, not as many options as Up-Down, but it also isn’t as overwhelming as Up-Down can be. It’s a spot where you can just have a beer. Does anyone go to Up-Down just to drink?


Beer 194: Quarter Barrel Kwik Cricket

ABV: 5.2%

Notes: I didn’t write anything down for this beer. I do remember it tasting pretty strong, despite the lowish ABV. Sorry, Kwik Cricket, I guess you just didn’t make an impression.


Beer 195: Quarter Barrel Tasteful Nude

ABV: 4.1%

Notes: I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a Dutch Kuitbier before, and my Google-Fu isn’t quick with answers on what it is. There’s a Wikipedia page, in what I assume is Dutch, and the translation is a mess. “Calf was so popular and common that it no longer spawn but just beer was mentioned in many places.” Thanks? My notes were “Light, all the flavor hits on your tongue.”


Beer 196: Quarter Barrel Bankers Hours 

ABV: 3.5%

Notes: This is an English bitter, and the bitterness of the hops made it live up to its name. I’d say this would be a good lunch beer, something you could down with a burger and still be able to function throughout the rest of the day.


Beer 197: Peace Tree Ohhh Pale Lager

ABV: 5%

Notes: I returned home with a few growlers to try later, so I’ll get to those in a later post. I got to stop down to el Bait Shop to try Ohhh Pale Lager, a collaboration between Peace Tree and the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.

I’ve gone to every BRB, and my beer of choice has always been Coors Banquet (other than the first two years, when there were free homebrew samples at El Bait Shop/High Life). It’s cheap, but more importantly, it’s light. I need to balance my beer consumption against the bacon calories I’m taking in that day. I love Peace Tree beers, but they often make me feel full. That doesn’t mix with eating 10,000 calories worth of meat.

But with the Ohhh Pale Lager, Peace Tree seems to have struck the right note for marathon eating. I feel like I could have several of these over the course of the day and still be able to stuff my face. A winning combination!


Beer 198: No Coast Brew in Town Belgian Wheat

ABV: 5%

Notes: This still counts as an eastern Iowa beer, even though I didn’t actually visit the new Oskaloosa brewery, so it fits the theme of this post. Not as heavy as some wheats, good flavor. I’m really liking No Coast so far.


Beer 199: No Coast Low Brown Brown Ale

ABV: 4%

Notes: An English style brown, drinkable, but not super remarkable. Smooth, a little sweet. OK overall.


Beer 200: No Coast Trend Bucker Stout

ABV: 7%

Notes: Rich and chocolaty, with some coffee flavor too. This is one I was happy to consume slowly. We were just getting into stout weather when I drank this. I could use another one with the negative temps lately.


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