My interview on Pants Off Podcast

A few weeks back I sat in on Brian Campos’ Pants Off Podcast. I view it as my exit interview from my time as music writer for Juice and the Des Moines Register.

Brian has been doing the podcast for a few years now, interviewing people like Clint Curtis, Patrick Tape Fleming, Brandon Darner and many others. He’s got a great interviewing style that makes it easy to open up and puts a lot of time into researching. I’m the 56th interview for the podcast, so you have a lot of options to go back and listen to.

Brian is also co-hosting Critical Mass with me while Chad Taylor is in Austria. Wait, is that correct? I’m pretty sure it is. He was humming “Edelweiss” so often.

The interview is below. At first I thought I would just listen to the intro, since hearing my own voice on tape is like stabbing my ears with razors that say “um” too often, but I got sucked into listening and it doesn’t sound too bad. Maybe the key to sounding OK is not wearing pants in Brian’s basement.

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