Ava reviews daddy stuff: Mystery Science Theater 3000

Last Thanksgiving I watched some of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon with my then almost there-year-old daughter, Ava. It went OK, so a year later I decided to revisit the idea with my almost four-year-old, taking notes while it happened.

Her reaction to the Shout Factory logo: “That’s a pattern! Do I like that? I can’t wait to watch parts of that. Is that a grownup show?”

First film: “Outlaw”

During the credits: “Is this going to have a few bad guys? That’s a cool rocketship!”

Her reaction to the phrase “Turkey Day”: “That’s silly!”

The phrase “Cheesy movies”: “That’s silly!”

Seeing Tom Servo, Crow and Gypsy: “You’ve got some of the robot statues (I do indeed), I saw the same robot, that had no body” (I believe she was referring to Gypsy)

After explaining that Gypsy is a girl robot: “There’s a girl robot in Bender!” (That’s what she calls Futurama.

After hearing Dr. Forester say Mike Nelson’s last name: “Did he say half of Elsa’s name?”

Her understanding of TV’s Frank’s name: “Tevious Frank? Tevious Frank is a silly name for a man.”

“A man person called someone sweet! That wasn’t a robot!”

Her reaction to Shadowrama: “What’s that in front of the sand?”

“Did you just say ‘shhh’?” She seemed to understand that Mike and the bots voices were not part of the movie itself, but their riffs were possibly coming from me.

“What’s this called again? Outlaw? Will any of them be a little out?”

Her reaction to Jack Palance: “Does he eat stinky food?”

On the journey through the doors out of the theater: “Is this over?”

On the MST3K spinning globe: “That planet has ABCs on it!”

On Tom Servo: “Does that robot have eyes? The one with no eyes. How does he see?

Halfway through the movie: “Let’s play Cinderella. I think we’ve watched enough of this movie. I’ll turn it off.”

Her reaction to the first film, in character while playing Cinderella: “Rucifer likes it.”

Dull surprise: I have to mention that there’s currently a Kickstarter campaign to revive Mystery Science Theater 3000. It’s hit its initial goal, but creator Joel Hodgson is trying to hit a total goal of $5.5 million to produce a full 12 episode season. Give, won’t you.



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