My November comics reading list

Here’s my reading list for November. It’s a bit shorter than my October list and very Donald Duck heavy. I burned through a lot of Carl Barks and Don Rosa books.

The December reading challenge is holiday books, but I discovered last year that’s a tougher challenge to find material for. I have one or two, but mostly I’m going to use the month to catch up on Kurt Busiek’s Astro City series.

Donald Duck: Trick or Treat

Scrooge McDuck & Donald Duck: Return to Plain Awful

Bob’s Burgers 4-5

House of Hem: This collection of Fred Hembeck stories reminded me how much I love his art, but what a chore his writing is to get through.

A Cracked Summer Special from the 90s. So bad. I read this magazine sometimes as a kid, but as an adult it’s excruciating.

Donald Duck: The Pixelated Parrot

Scrooge & Donald: Treasure Under Glass

Scrooge & Donald: Last of the Clan McDuck


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