My January comics reading list

I didn’t post a December reading list since nothing I read fit the month’s theme (holiday comics), but I feel like I did pretty well in January.

The month’s theme was TV/movies. It’s a pretty liberal challenge, with books and characters that have been adapted counting, as well as comics featuring characters that originated on the screen.

My count was 128 comics.

Batmanga Vol. 1
Django/Zorro 1-7
Daredevil 2-3 I probably wouldn’t count any Daredevil comic, but this is the current series and the Netflix series starts again soon.
Savage Dragon 210-211 I was kind of torn on this one. There was a Savage Dragon cartoon, though the comic now centers on his phone. I’m still counting it.
Rick & Morty 1-4
Darth Vader 1
James Bond 1
Bob’s Burgers 6
Frank Miller’s Robocop 1-9 An adaptation of Frank !iller’s Robocop 2 script. I think this is where Frank Miller went off the rails.
Gotham Central 32-40
Fashion Beast 1-10 Based on an unproductive movie script Alan Moore wrote in the 80s. Way closer to prime Moore than Robocop was to prime Miller.
Nemo River of Ghosts Similar to Savage Dragon, about the child of a character in the horribl League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. Still counting it.
Walking Dead 150
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe
Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour
Harley Quinn 0-14
Jessica Jones 1
Fury Max 1-12 Maybe a stretch. Nick Fury is in a lot of movies/TV shows, but Garth Ennis’s version is pretty different. Still counted.
Spirit/Rocketeer 1-4
The Crow: Skinning The Wolves 1-3 Totally unrelated to the movie. Still counting it.
Ghost World

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