My failed 2015 resolution

imageIn 2013 I resolved to go to at least one local show a week. In 2014 I resolved to see shows at 52 different Iowa venues. I was successful with both of those.

in 2015 I resolved to see shows at 12 Iowa venues I had never seen a concert at before. Despite being a greatly scaled back number, I didn’t complete that resolution.

A large reason for that is I stopped being a music writer in September. But even if I was trying to get to one venue a month for my nine months on the job, I still failed.

i was certain Water Works Park would make my list, what with there being two big festivals scheduled there for the summer. But flooding canceled one of those festivals and moved another to St. Charles. At least the latter location was a venue I had never been to before.

I saw shows at a few places in Waverly for the Gentlemen of the Road festival, but none of them regularly host shows, so I didn’t want to count them. I did count Lefty’s despite having seen shows in that space; a nine year gap and a new name since the last show I saw there made it seem like it should count.

I would have loved to have made it to a show at Codfish Hollow, Byron’s in Pomeroy and a number of Quad Cities locations, but having kids, a job and the ever increasing weight of age mean it’s a lot harder to face a long drive after a show. I’ll get to those places someday. Part of the problem with this resolution was the fact that there weren’t many Central Iowa venues that I hadn’t been to. So getting out of town was my main option.

So here’s my half-completed resolution. As for a 2016 resolution, I haven’t made one. If I do, it probably won’t be musical in nature. I’m retired.

1: Civic Center,  Feb. 15. John Mellencamp, Carlene Carter

2 IMU Memorial Union, April 27. Neutral Milk Hotel, Circulatory System

3 Lefty’s Live Music, May 1. David Zollo & The Body Electric

4 U.S. cellular Center, May 10. Hatebreed, Slipknot

5 Avenue of the Saints Amphitheater, July 31 Hinterland Music Festival

6 Iowa Music Store, Sept 12 Secret Freedom

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