365 Iowa Beers: 11-15

Wizard World and tummy troubles caused a delay in the next batch of Iowa beers. I only skipped one day of drinking (I’m dedicated, damnit!), but since I’ve doubled up on a few days, I’m not behind schedule on consumption.

The beer train stops for no man!

Also, it’s American Craft Beer Week. For someone who drinks a lot of craft beer, is this week really any different? Confluence is having some events, check it out! Speaking of Confluence…


Beer 11: Confluence Thomas Beck Black IPA

ABV: 6.8%

Purchased at: Whole Foods

Notes: Confluence is located on Thomas Beck road, named after an English immigrant-turned Des Moines coal miner. Lately, I’ve really been enjoying dark beers that don’t drink like a meal. In the case of Thomas Beck, the color comes from black wheat. It’s got a spiciness that sets it apart from regular IPAs. I need more of this beer soon.


Beer 12: Exile G-Funk

ABV: 5.2%

Purchased at: Valley West Hy-Vee

Notes: I’m always a little hesitant to try something sour. It either makes me think of something like sour cream (note to dairy products: if you’re sour, you’re spoiled) or Lemonheads. Exile’s sours have turned my thinking on the word around (I’m drinking another of their sours as I write this). The G-Funk is tart, but refreshing. The label mentions sea salt and Indian coriander, and I’m going to take its word for it. I know I’ve had coriander before, but I never remember what it tastes like. Good, I guess.


Beer 13: Chateau 4th St. El Diablo de Mayo

ABV: 10%

Brewed by my father-in-law.

Notes: This beer was sitting in my fridge for a long time. I was planning to drink it on Cinco de Mayo, but some Ocultos got in the way. That’s probably a good thing, because as noted above, this is a strong beer. It’s heavy, with some heat that I expect came from peppers added by my father-in-law. He recently kegged another pepper-enhanced beer, which I’ll be reporting on soon.


Beer 14: Backpocket Gold Coin

ABV: 5.2%

Purchased at: Valley West Hy-Vee

Notes: Most breweries will have a not-too-strong golden lager that is usually on the menu for people who only drink Bud/Miller. It’s a fine beer, but it’s probably the one I’m least likely to try a second time. That’s Gold Coin, a beer for your uncle who wants something cold and wet. It’s good, it’s just not every other beer at Backpocket good.


Beer 15: Lion Bridge Cowabunga Common

ABV: 5.1%

Purchased at: Iowa Taproom

Notes: Last week I made on of my regular walks to the Taproom. It was a hot day, and when I arrived I asked what was new. The Cowabunga Common had just been tapped that morning.

I believe this is my first ever Lion Bridge brew. I had wanted to stop I’m when I went to see Slipknot in Cedar Rapids last year, but I arrived late and the brewery was closed when the concert ended. The Cowabunga perked me right up after my three-mile walk. At the time it felt like maybe the most refreshing beer I’ve ever had. I’ll have to try it again to see if that’s still true when I’m not walking.

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