365 Iowa Beers: 16-25

I’m not sure if I’m playing catch up with this post, or if I might switch my beer posts to 10 at a time. We’ll see how lazy I’m feeling.


Beer 16: Millstream John’s Generations White Ale

ABV: 5.2%

Consumed at: Des Moines Social Club

Notes: Since I got a press pass to Wizard World Des Moines, I was invited to the pre-con press event at the Social Club. Kevin Sorbo was there. Yes, THE Kevin Sorbo. I wouldn’t have gone, but the invite promised a free beer, so I figured I would let Wizard buy my beer of the day. I enjoy Millstream’s ales, and since this one was inspired by one of the best beer sources in the state, I had to try it. Very tasty. I promptly took the beer and wandered into the Sires listening party next door. That was a much better use of my time. The new album sounds awesome, I’m looking forward to hearing the songs live at 80/35.


Beer 17: Millstream German Pilsner

ABV: 5%

Purchased at: 86th St. Hy-Vee

Notes: The label refers to this as a German Pilsner and a “German-style pilsner,” so I don’t know what I should believe. Anyway, good beer.


Beer 18: Backpocket Blood on the Blade IPA

ABV: 6.5%

Notes: This is probably my favorite label art of any Iowa beer. It doesn’t seem to fit in with Backpocket’s house style, it’s more like a Donald Westlake book cover. It’s hoppy like an IPA should be, but much darker than I would have expected. This beer should inspire a novel.


Beer 19: Exile Beatnik Sour

ABV: 5.6%

Purchased at: 86th St. Hy-Vee

Notes: I mentioned in the last batch of beers that Exile’s sours are winning me over lately. As the weather warms up, I want to drink a lot more of them. Can anyone suggest other Iowa sours?


Beer 20: Millstream Fuzz

ABV: 4.8%

Purchased at: 86th St. Hy-Vee

Notes: This beer is a peach kolsch, and it’s very peachy. Your enjoyment of it will probably depend on how much you like peaches. They’re probably in the teens for me as far as favorite fruits go. Now if this was a pear kolsch, we’d be talking.


Beer 21: New American Independence Pale Ale

ABV: 5.3%

Purchased at: El Bait Shop

Notes: My first New American beer! I believe I jotted down that this is a session beer, which makes sense since I was looking for a not-too-strong lunchtime beer. It fit the bill.



Beer 22: Confluence Southside Citra

Consumed at: Science Center of Iowa

ABV: ?

Notes: Last week I went to the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Accelerate DSM event. It was a great event, especially when you consider that $20 got you lunch, free parking and free beer after the event. I tried Confluence’s new seasonal, the Southside Citra. Very refreshing. I plan to stop by Confluence soon, I need to have another when I visit.


Beer 23: Rock Bottom Bottoms Up Kolsch

ABV: 5%

Consumed at: Rock Bottom Brewery

Notes: This is my first beer from one of the chain breweries in central Iowa. I’m including them because the beer is actually brewed here in Iowa. This kolsch was more my speed, very nice while sitting on the patio, eating some chorizo and jalapeño stuffed pretzels. Wait. Was that a real thing? Did I dream that?


Beer 24: Reclaimed Rails Lager Ride 

ABV: 5.8%

Consumed at: Adventureland Inn

Notes: Bondurant’s Reclaimed Rails brewery used wood from Adventureland’s Log Ride to build their patio. I figured it would be fitting to try this beer at a hotel named after the Log Ride’s home. I really enjoyed this red lager and I’m looking forward to sampling more RR Beers.


Beer 25: Millstream Schild Brau

ABV: 4.9%

Purchased at: Fleur Hy-Vee

Notes: Beer Advocate tell me “The name Schild Brau means essentially ‘Schild Beer’ in German.” Thanks, BA, because “brau” was the word I was unfamiliar with. Further Googling tells me it basically translate to “Shield Beer.” It’s a Vienna lager, very clean tasting.

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