Do you know why the praying mantis was dead? A day’s worth of questions from Ava

Ava, my four-year-old daughter, never stops asking questions. She asks an insane amount of questions. For awhile I’ve thought it would be a good idea to keep track of every question she asked over the course of a day.

I was wrong. She asked too many questions. She asked questions faster than I could write them down. She asked questions while I was doing something that didn’t allow me to write them down.

So this isn’t every question Ava asked me, it’s just every question I could keep track of.

1. Hi, did you not know I was up?

2. Did you have a guest?

3. When Jonas and I watched the ABC Challenge, Jonas was scared of ABseymore. Did you not know that happened?

4. He’ll get over it, right?

5. Can I have some toast?

6. Is pink, yellow, yellow, pink a pattern?

7. I can kind of snap, do you want to hear?

8. See this? This is the thing I use to look at my face when I’m rubbing it with this (a compact).

9. Dada, remember when I went to the opera and the troll said “Anyone want to kiss my boo boo?”

10-11. Can I have some cereal, too? Remember that time I ate a lot of cereal for breakfast?

12. Daddy, can we have macaroni again?

13. Can I have some milk with my cereal?

14. Dada, do you know where my spoon is? (It was in her pajamas)

15. Dada, can I get my lipstick out? (It’s Chapstick)

16-17. Want to practice counting with me? To 100?

18. We’ll do this after nap, OK?

19-20. Mama, do I still have my lipstick from my 4-year-older birthday? Do I still have that?

20-21. Want to read this book with me? It can read itself. Want to see?

22. Want to try it, daddy?

23-24. Do you know how to do this? Want to try it, daddy?

25. Do you not know how to do this one?

The above questions all happened in the first hour I was awake. One. Hour.

26. Now do you know how to do it?

27. Did you not want her (our dog) to lick you?

28. Can I watch something on your tv?

29. Can I play that instrument?


30. How about mommy is the queen, you are the king and Jonas and me are your guards?

31. Does that sound good to you, king?

32-33. Is April Fools Day real? Do you play jokes?

34. Daddy, what are these letters for on my instrument? (They were notes)

35-36. Do you like our song, mama? How about you listen to it and tell us if you like it?

37. Do you want to be out of the band?

38. How about you and me sing a song about Olaf?

39. Do you know what this one means?

40-41. Daddy, is this loud? How about this?

42. Do you need some quiet time?

43. Can somebody push me?


44-45. What would you like on the menu? What do you think mommy would like?

46. Is this a funny face?

47-48. What kind of pizza would you like? With cheesy bread?

49. Is everybody’s pizza yummy?

50. Do you have the walkie talkie I sent you?

51. Do you know who is going to live with me at the hotel?

52. Where do I put these suitcases?

53. What do I do to check in?

54. Which one is my room?

55. Excuse me. Where do I get a drink?

56. Where do the babies get their milk?

57. Is this it, dada? (holding up a baby bottle)

58. How do you get the milk from here?

59-61. Is this the strawberry? Chocolate? White?

62. Can I add a little bit of each?

63. Do you see all of the eggs?

64. How do you make the coffee here, dada?

65. Pretend you said “Would you like it hot, cold or warm?”

66. Which one is the hotting machine?

67. Where are the spoons, dada?

68. What does 9 plus 9 make?

69. What does 10 plus 10 make?

70-71. Do you know what silence means? What does it mean, dada?

72. Do you not know what I said?

Around 11 a.m., we said we were going someplace as a surprise (The Iowa State Fair)

72-74. Where are we going? Have we been there before? Did you think I would like a surprise?

75. Can I please have some help?

76. This is my hair, isn’t it really cute? Take a picture!


77-79. Do you see that glass over there? With the Ninja Turtle and Christmas stuff? Do you usually only use it at Christmas?

80-81. Doesn’t that look fun? Do you wish you were still a kid?

82. Do you know what my baby’s favorite song is?

83-84. Why are we taking the stroller? Is it the 2 seated stroller with the treasure?

85. Are we taking the car?

86. My dolly blew you a kiss. Wasn’t that nice of her?

87. Daddy, are the keys in the car?

88. Remember when we went to Henry’s house?

89-90. Do you know how I don’t have a sister? Well I do have a sister, do you know who that is?

91. Dada, is your mom’s last name Lawler?

At this point, we got out out of the car and I was pushing the kids in the stroller. Ava asked 17 questions on the walk to the fair, but I only remember the following two:

107. Are we going to the fair?

108. Do see sea anemones really sting?

109. Do you know why Dora’s friend the monkey is called boots?

110. Can I have something to wipe my eyes?

111. Please can I get out?

112. Daddy, can I get an ice cream cone?

113. Can we go on rides after this?

114. One time someone brought a praying mantis to my school and it was dead. Do you know why?

115. Can’t we go on a ride now?

116. Can you boost me so I can see inside?

117. Can I look at the farmhouse now?

118. When a band stops playing, can you clap and say bravo?

119. Why do people go to the Fair?

120. What did you say, daddy?

121. Did you unbuckle me?

122. Do you know why I have my ring on? Then she made me promise I wouldn’t tell anyone why. Also, she was whispering and I didn’t really hear.

123. When you’re reading, you have to be quiet. That’s the rule of reading. Is it?

124. You have to guess what song I’m singing. It’s called Dance magic dance and it’s by the Goblin King who I want to marry. What is it?

125. Why does Hulk Smash smash when he’s angry?

126. Dad, does this look interesting?

127-128. (Guessing what shadow puppets I was making) Is it a refrigerator? Is it a spider?

129. Is Batboy a superhero?

130. Did you think you might know where one is? (I was looking for a tissue to blow her nose)

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