365 Iowa Beers 250-259: Leveling up with Firetrucker, Peace Tree

Two hundred and fifty beers. Is that an accomplishment? It’s kind of tough to tell. I’ve still got 106 more beers to write about. To give you some perspective, that’s 105 more beers than I drank in the first 22 years of my life (more on that in a later post).

So let’s jump into this.


Beer 250: Firetrucker 1.5 Year Old Honey Brewbarb


ABV: ?

Notes: This was a High Score Party at Firetrucker, with aged beers and video games. I hung out for a bit, playing some Super Mario World. The place was pretty packed. This version of the Honey Brewbarb was smooth and light, good for some easy drinking.


Beer 251: Firetrucker 1.5 Year Old Resuscitator 

AVV: ?

Notes: A doppelbock, I didn’t take a lot of notes, because I was crushing serious goomba at this point. It had a good toasty flavor.


Beer 252: Firetrucker 1.5 Year Old Smoking Pumpkin

ABV: ?

Notes: This had a nice smokey flavor, though the smokiness seemed mellowed a bit by the aging. It’s more of a fall beer, and this night felt like the coldest night of this past winter, but the cold and smoke paired well together.


Beer 253: Firetrucker 1.5 Year Old 3 Alarm Red

ABV: ?

Notes: This hit my tongue as noticeably stronger than the regular version, while the other three didn’t come off that way. It was a nice step up from the original. Like Mario after getting a mushroom.


Beer 254: Toppling Goliath MoZee

ABV: 5.5%

Notes: A rare sahti-style beer from TG… just kidding, it’s another IPA. Notes of citrus and tropical fruit. Fairly light and easy to drink. A good beer.


Beer 255: Peace Tree Mangose

ABV: 5%

Notes: I made my first trip down to Peace Tree’s Des Moines branch at the end of January. This is a gose, soured by a kettle with mango infused in it. I liked it.


Beer 256: Peace Tree Orange Gose

ABV: 5%

Notes: Another kettle-soured gose, this time flavored with orange peel. Also good, but I probably should have spaced these two out to help differentiate them.


Beer 257: Templeton Hop Wrangler

ABV: 7.25%

Notes: Peace Tree’s Belgian-style IPA, aged in a Templeton barrel. Strong and smooth. Pretty damn awesome.


Beer 258: Templeton Imperial Stout

ABV: 11%

Notes: Stroooonnnng. It’s the William Milo Stone (I’ll try the regular version at a later date), again aged in a Templeton Rye barrel. Good, rich and so damn strong.


Beer 259: Mistress Brewing Caught Red Handed Mistress Red 

ABV: 6%

Notes: An IPA, but not too hoppy. The flavor seemed to mainly come from the malt. OK, not particularly memorable.



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