80/35 announces The Shins, MGMT, Action Bronson & more

Sometimes this is still a music blog, so I’ll take this opportunity to post the lineup for the 10th annual 80/35 Music Festival, being held July 7-8 in Western Gateway Park.

I helped with the hints video this year, pretend you didn’t see the headline of this blog and see if you can guess who is playing!

Did you figure it out? I don’t think we made things too tough, though someone did take my “There Will Be Blood” t-shirt as evidence that this was the year 80/35 landed Radiohead.

Here’s the lineup:

The Shins, MGMT, Action Bronson, Elephant Revival, The Motet, Chicano Batman, Diarrhea Planet, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Modern Life is War, Radio Moscow, WebsterX, The Suburbs, A Giant Dog, Big Bad Hats, Henhouse Prowlers, Middle Western, Trevor Sensor, ZULUZULUU, MarKaus, Dan Tedesco, prettygirlhatemachine, Elizabeth Moen, Stutterin’ Jimmy & The Goosebumps, Tha Fut, Traffic Death, Closet Witch, Ancient Posse, Lily DeTaeye, Aaron Earl Short, The Vahnevants, Glittery Density.

Tickets are $65 for both days or $42 per day through Midwestix.

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