365 Iowa Beers 281-290: Jimmy Carter, Exile & No Coast

When I start these posts, the paragraph at the top is really just there to push the beer listings down a bit so a photo doesn’t throw off the preview. Sometimes I draw a blank on what to type up here, so unrelated to beers, here’s my ranking of X-Factor members from Peter David’s first run on the book

  1. Multiple Man
  2. Quicksilver
  3. Strong Guy
  4. Wolfsbane
  5. Polaris
  6. Havok

There, that should be enough space. Now, on with the beer!


Beer 281: Jimmy Carter Happy Hour Black Lemon Hefe

ABV: ?

Notes: Did I just abbreviate “hefeweizen,” or was that what they called it? Either way, this seemed like a good summer beer, a little sour, very refreshing.


Beer 282: JCHH Saison

ABV: ?

Notes: The entirety of my notes was “smooth.”


Beer 283: JCHH L’Oreal

ABV: ?

Notes: I just wrote “Hoppy.”


Beer 284: JCHH Bock

ABV: ?

Notes: A little bit sweet, with some chocolate flavor.


Beer 285: Exile Zoltan

ABV: 4.8%

Notes: A session IPA with some citrus flavor. I stopped in after work for the release party and it made for a nice way to unwind after a long day.


Beer 286: No Coast Take a Chill Pilsner

ABV: 5%

Notes: Have you ever had a pilsner before? This tasted exactly like that. Pilsners are fine and easy to drink, they’re just not very exciting or memorable.


Beer 287: Peace Tree William Milo Stone Imperial Stout

ABV: 8%

Notes: It’s a Belgian-style stout, named after a Civil War hero from Knoxville who served as Iowa’s governor and helped convince his buddy Abey Linco (his nickname for Lincoln, I presume) to run for president. Dark, with chocolate and coffee notes (like Stone himself, I presume).


Beer 288: Mistress Wit or Without You

ABV: 5%

Notes: Did witbiers fall out of favor for a bit, or are they coming back? Either way, I like them, and Mistress’s version. There’s just a hint of orange peel flavor, giving it a little tang at the end of each sip.


Beer 289: Flix Mic Drop

ABV: 7.5%

Notes: A rye IPA that I consumed during a screening of “Logan” (tying nicely into my X-Factor list up above). It hits you with a bit of spice, then the floral notes spread over your tongue.


Beer 290: Flix Naughty Squirrel Brown Ale

ABV: 7.2%

Notes: Have I expressed my general boredom with brown ales lately? This is fine, with a toastiness that hits your nose with each drink. On a scale of Wolverine films, ranging from horrible (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) to excellent (“Logan”), this is a solid “The Wolverine.”

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