One Man Breaking Bad: the one who mocks

Awhile back I saw a listing for a solo “Breaking Bad” performance at Wooly’s and was ready to buy a ticket on the spot. I love the show, which creator Vince Gilligan has described as “Mr. Chips meets Scarface.”

I like that description, but Walter White’s journey struck me as something more like Michael Corleone’s in the first two Godfather film’s. There we see an essentially innocent man transition into something irredeemable by the end of the second films (and we’ll ignore that the third ever happened).

Of course, despite being “innocent,” it’s tough to argue if Walter was really good, and perhaps he does redeem himself, even if that wasn’t his true goal.

One Man Breaking Bad is the work of Miles Allen, a Los Angeles actor and comedian who caught some attention with a viral video in which he pretended to be a homeless man with a knack for impersonating the show’s character (shades of Ted Williams).

 Allen will be performing his show Friday at Wooly’s. He was kind enough to answer some questions via email.

Q: Breaking Bad is a show that flew under the radar until later in its run for many people. Were you an early convert, or did you come to it later via streaming?

Definitely was a Netflix convert! Right after I graduated college I had all this free time on my hands, and that’s when I binge watched through all four seasons (season five had yet to air) in month.

Q: How did the idea for a one man Breaking Bad show come about? I’ve seen the viral video with the impersonations, but what made you think this would work on the road?

Well, after Breaking Bad had aired, I realized that there was a huge w=hole in my heart, so I decided to combine my love for the show, my impressions, and my comedy skills to create a comedic tribute to Breaking Bad. Over seven countries and 170 shows later, I am awestruck where my nerdy show has taken me!

Q: Some of the show’s best scenes involve three or more people, I know the intention is comedy, but how do you try to find the balance to make these scenes work with one person?

I’ve been talking to myself in voices for quite sometime, so it just sort of comes naturally to me.

Q: Do you have a favorite character to perform?

Jesse Pinkman, bitch! Not only are his mannerisms the most unique, but his character is the one that I sympathize with the most, so much so that I narrate the show as Jesse, through his perspective!

Q: I tried using the Oracle of Bacon with you and various BB cast members and you seem to be three degrees removed from pretty much everyone. Do you know if any cast members have ever caught the show or reacted to hearing about it?

I literally have never heard of this Oracle of Bacon thing until you asked me, now I just looked it up, that’s hilarious! Next year, One Man “Bacon” Bad… but seriously I’ve actually caught the interest of Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) and he expressed interest in coming to see the show sometime… who knows, maybe he’ll be the show’s lawyer!

Q: Do you think you might try to tackle a one man Better Call Saul at some point?

Definitely an option, just needs a few more seasons! I Already have references to it in the show!

Q: What other projects do you have in the works? If you’re taking pitches, how about a Law & Order one man show? One man, one hour, 20 seasons, a cast of thousands! That, or the Tommy Westphall Universe

Haha, as fun as those all sound, what I’ve got cooking in the meth lab now is doing more TV and film. I’m an LA based actor, and it would be nice to actually live there and work, as fun as all this traveling is!

Q: I wanted to get your take on some of the show’s unanswered questions. You’ve lived these characters, so maybe you can extrapolate:

A: What do you think happened to Huell? Is he just hanging out in that hotel room?

Huell did eventually get found by the DEA, but not before loosing 250 lbs by just sitting there. He now has a lucrative career as Subway’s new spokesman.

B: Do you think Marie is still stealing things? Because they kind of dropped that.

Yes, but only if they’re purple.

C: Rocks or minerals?

Minerals, damnit Marie! 

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