Joe Lawler: The playlist

Last week Dan (I know his real last name, but he’s managed to trick Facebook with his fake name, so I’ll respect his privacy) Oldermusicgeek put together a playlist dedicated to me for the Iowa Music Showcase podcast.

I’m honored, especially because he put got quotes and suggestions from people around the music scene to say a word or two about me. My favorite was $trick9, who attempted to throw some shade my way with this comment:

“”It seems my hot rhymes have finally ended Joe Lawler’s career. I always knew they would. I’m just surprised it took seven years.”

Oh really? When’s the last time The Truth put out a new album, $trick9? CD Baby tells me it was 2008. It seems my hot prose ended your career years ago. But nice try, you should pick up some salve for that sick burn.

Thank you Dan, Patrick, Amedeo, Nick, Brian, Chad, Luke and anyone else I forgot to mention for participating. Jeez, my playlist was kind of a sausage fest. I know Dan reached out to Ava for a comment, but I guess she was being a diva.

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